How to use your drill press safely?

Yes, a drill press is a simple tool to use, but it is also one of the hazardous pieces of machinery when it comes to metal and wood workshops. Work ethics and safety standards should be promoted in professional workshops so that it is easy and safe to use the high-end machines. It is necessary to learn the proper safety measures and conducts before using the drill press.

To help you figure out the principle behind this tool, you should fully understand the function of the drill press. For every drill press user, the safety should be the top priority. When you operate the drill press, it is necessary to follow the safety guidelines.

Knowing the drill press in deep is crucial to your error-free and safe handling. You can gain knowledge about the drill press by reading the manual carefully. Before you start working with your drill press, here are the simple things to remember for your safety.

  • Avoid wearing long sleeves and gloves when working with your drill press. The loose wardrobe might catch the drill bit and drag your hands toward the machine.
  • You have to wear safety glasses all the time you are working with any power tools like a top drill press. The cutting tips can cause irritation and permanently damage your eyes.
  • You must secure your work piece to your drilling table, and you can use a vice if possible. High-speed machinery might cause the job to slip out of your hand.
  • Use a coolant when using the drill press in metal to stop the drill bit from overheating and burning out.
  • Keep your safety guards in place.
  • You have to slow down when you see the drill bit ready to break through the material.
  • See to it that there are no foreign objects that are on the floor that you might fall over.
  • Ensure that the floor is free from grease and oil for you to avoid falling over when you are concentrating on your job.
  • Make sure that your machine has a safety off button just in case you have to use it.
  • See to it that your drill bit is operating at the correct speed.


Your safety depends on your efforts and willingness to invest on your responsibility. A dose of responsibility, common sense, and conscientiousness are necessary to ensure proper safety when using a drill press. With good conduct and work ethics, you will be able to work without worrying about your well being.