I like Cobra Radar Detectors


I have to confess, I invested in the cobra radar detector a while ago and I’m totally in awe of its amazing features. I agree when you say it costs a little more than the other radar detectors available in the market, but for the features it comes with, this is a great investment. While I loved the features of the Cobra Radar Detector I own, I recently got a new Cobra Radar Detector for my wife and I have my eyes set on exchanging her with mine. It’s an upgraded version which comes with even better features and for someone like me who needs to race to reach the workplace, this radar detector has always been a great help to avoid a number of speeding tickets.

If you’re looking for radar detector get the Cobra Radar Detector. There are many reasons for me to swear by this product.

Good coverage range

The range it covers is amazing. I get updates from a long distance which gives me enough time to plan my next move. While the basic radar detectors help to detect the radar guns, cobra goes a step ahead. It intimates me about the traffic situations and the potential risk of a police vehicle being close to me.


Helps to save time

It also helps me save on a lot of time since I get to decide when to turn away from the traffic way before the others. Before I had this detector it took me about an hour to get home. Now it takes me about 35 minutes which is almost half the amount of time I used to take earlier to reach home. The second one was a gift for my wife who earlier had another brand installed, about which she kept complaining. She took my car for a spin a couple of times and she was amazed of how efficient my radar detector was.


Speedy notifications

This radar detector quickly notifies me every time I’m under surveillance so I know when to be at my best behavior. Some radar detectors tell you about the traffic ahead so late that you have no chance of turning back. But, cobra informs me well in advance. It is so convenient and easy to use, that I have recommended it to all my friends.

Advanced Features

The reason I chose this detector again is because the features are beyond comparison and it offers a lot more than just plain radar detection.   It comes with the innovative LaserEye technology to give a 360° detection of laser signals. It has a user friendly Digiview data display along with a voice Alert function to inform you about traffic or surveillance situations ahead, without distracting the driver.


Good onetime Investment

It’s not often that you’re going to go out and buy a radar detector for your vehicle. So, when you do plan to get one, it’s always a better option to choose a detector that offers the best features. I’ve researched the market for a number of radar detectors and I have to say that cobra is by far the best brand to invest in.

Cobra Radar Detector lasts really long, it manages to deliver some of the best results and ensures your safety with safe driving. If you’re worried about the speeding ticket, get this outstanding radar detector today.