My recent trip to Mexico


Millions of US citizens have already visited Mexico for tourism, study and business and this includes over 150,000 who cross the border on a daily basis. Thankfully, the government of Mexico has consistently dedicated a significant portion of its resources to ensure the safety of visitors to their major tourist destinations. What really enticed me to travel recently to Mexico is the fact that there has been no evidence of organized criminal groups targeting US visitors. I only heeded the advice to keep a lowered profile and to avoid displaying any indications of wealth, so I did not bring any expensive-looking watch, jewelry or camera. I also kept aware of my surroundings while traveling, and gratefully, I am back safe and sound to tell you about my recent holiday in Mexico.

Mexico boasts steamy jungles, palm-fringed beaches, fiesta fireworks, and teeming cities. One can enjoy chili-spiced food, the true mark of authentic Mexican cuisine. Calling to mind vivid and diverse dreams, Mexico features the impressive works of pre-Hispanic civilizations that constructed the some fantastic archaeological monuments in the world, from the awe-inspiring Mayan temples of Palenque to the towering pyramids in Teotihuacan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This exceptional soul food also includes beautiful towns of the Spanish colonial era that have numerous tree-shaded plazas plus wonderful stone mansions and churches filled with rich sculpture. An abundance of great art from Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and others of the same caliber can be feasted on by the eyes. Mexico City boasts underground street art and dance clubs and also serves as a lovely backdrop for the handicrafts of the indigenous population.

Mexico first attracted me as a teenager when I first read about Cortés and the Aztecs. It was easy to find some sort of a spiritual home in this fantastic location. I have been to many trips already to Mexico, but I have never gotten my fill of its exceptionally tasty food prepared with a genuine love for family and hearty, healthy eating. I already own a top quesadilla maker that I have optimized to prepare and enjoy Mexican-style quesadillas at home, and my most recent visit to Mexico has only served to reinforce what I love about the place, which is nothing less than its remarkable food prepared in taquerias by hospitable, charming and very real people.

Mexicans are never less than courteous and are more often absolutely charming. They know very well how to please guests, serving special agave-based liquor and super tasty, sensationally chili-filled food. Mexico is definitely one place I will never tire of visiting!