My review of the ER-Radio KA600


The KA600 is a complete product. It offers not only the basic alert functions, but it combines features that you would only be able to enjoy if acquiring two or three products. As such, this is not the most affordable emergency radio you can find on the market but, if you live in an area with increased natural hazards risk, I strongly advise you to ignore its price and buy it without a second thought.

So what makes this model so reliable? To start with the superficial details, this device is built with shock resistant materials, which will ensure that it will not break in case of accidents that are not something you shouldn’t expect during a tornado or earthquake. In addition, it comes with reduced dimensions and it is ultra-lightweight, which makes it easy to transport.

As an emergency weather alert radio, this small device is able to emit clear alerts, and also inform you of the severity of the received alert, through the three lights placed on the left side of the product. It uses a high-quality speaker that emits clear sounds, so that you can hear the forecast even when you find yourself in a noisy place. The item is capable of receiving all 7 NOAA channels and it has an automatic alert feature, which means that when a NOAA alert is transmitted, your radio will right away emit it, even if you’re not listening to the weather channel.

For emergency situations, when electric power is off, the radio comes with four charging alternatives (besides the AC/DC adaptor): the hand-crank generator, a 180-degree adjustable solar panel, micro USB port and 3 AA batteries. Additionally, you can keep spare batteries around, just to make sure, but, as you can see, this radio offers you plenty of options to rely on, when your batteries run low.

The radio includes a 5 LED lamp and a 3 LED flashlight, in case you need light to find your way at night. The main LED display is big enough for you to see the type of alert displayed clearly, but it also shows the temperature and humidity levels that the radio is capable of measuring. The screen also shows battery levels and time. If you’re charging the device using the solar panel, the display will monitor energy levels, for you to see what the percentage available for use is. The product is endowed with alarm and snooze functions too.

If there’s something you can see as a minus of this product is that the great number of functions is operated through a fairly complicated menu. It is understandable, given its numerous options, but, if you want to be able to maximize its efficacy in an emergency situation, I advise you to learn how to operate its system well when you receive it.

As for tuning options, the device automatically searches radio channels, but you can also manually insert frequencies in its memory. As a last feature, the product is rigged out with a leather strap for you to be able to carry it with no effort.


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