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Console Reference

Resetting Cvars to their Default Values

'cvar_reset ' will reset a variable to its default value. For example 'cvar_reset gl_gamma' will reset your gamma in (the opengl version of) FuhQuake. 'cvar_resetAll' will reset all cvars to their default value. Be careful, this resets everything including gamma/contrast and 'cl_writecfg'. It's mostly useful for debugging.

High Colour Console Backgrounds and Fonts

As of FuhQuake version 0.22, there is support for 24/32bit png/pcx/tga console backgrounds. Just put your conback in qw/gfx/conback.tga/png/pcx. For high colour console fonts you need a file called charset.tga/png/pcx in qw/ . Soon there will also be support for 24/32bit colour wad elements (ammo/weapon/armour icons in your hud).

Name Completion

You can complete a player's name anywhere on the command line by pressing ctrl-tab. In fact you can use tab but only if the word you are trying to complete does match a command or alias etc. Ctrl-tab forces name completion. To complete someone's name, just type some of the letters/characters in their name (ignoring all the colours) and press ctrl-tab. It's hard to explain all the things you can do with this, but basically you match any coloured letters/ number/ascii symbols (!, *, $ etc) by typing them witout using any colours. You match the coloured > (eg in the ]ap]> clan tag) with '>', and you match weird characters (ocrana led's etc) with an underscore '_'. 99% of the time you just type some letters in their name and press tab. For example 'dark' might complete to ']ap]>Darkangel' properly coloured. Try it and you'll see how easy it is. This only works in console by the way. One day I might make it work when pressing your say/say_team keys.

Improved Command Completion

In zquake you can only complete a command when it is the first thing on your console line. In FuhQuake you can complete anything. For example 'say you turn on weapon interpolation with wea' will complete 'wea' to 'weapon_interpolate'. You can't do that in zquake because it's not the first thing on the line. In fact in FuhQuake you can complete anything, even if your cursor is in the middle of a line. This is all good. Eventually I hope to be able to have specific completions for commands like 'exec' and 'playdemo' so when you go (for example) 'playdemo a' it will try to complete 'a' to a demo you have that starts with the letter 'a' (and similarly for 'exec' with config's etc etc).

Surmoclient Features

Rotating Conback
You can make your conback rotate with 'gl_conrotate 1'. This only works when your console is fullscreen (e.g. at startup) and not during a game.

Rankings Colour Scheme
FuhQuake uses the surmoclient rankings colour scheme which looks much nicer than the default quake colour scheme. Basically it has new colours for ping and pl and '(spectator)'. A screenshot is here .

Cvar Default Values

When you type a cvar name into console (like 'gl_gamma' or 'r_rocketlight'), FuhQuake will tell you the default value of the cvar. You can turn this feature off with 'cvar_viewdefault 0'.

Customisable Crosshairs

Read the crosshair manual.

Compact Huds

Added?3 new huds. "scr_compactHud 0/1/2/3". The default value of 0 will turn compact huds off (i.e. you'll use the normal/default quakeworld hud). A value of 1 will display armour/health/ammo/weapons *very* compactly. This is the best setting for DM. A value of 2 will display armour/health/ammo *very* compactly. This setting is best for TF. A value of 3 displays only health/armour.

Note that "scr_compactHud 1/2/3" will only have an affect if your viewsize is 100 or 110 *and* cl_sbar is 0. "scr_centerSbar" behaves as usual in that if it is set, the hud display will be centered.

There is a new variable called "scr_drawFragsOverlay" that toggles whether the mini-frags overlay is displayed in the hud. The mini-frags overlay is never drawn when "scr_centerSbar" is 1.

Finally "scr_compactHudAlign" will determine whether ammo amounts (displayed when "scr_compactHud" is 1 or 2)?are aligned to the left (zero) or to the right (non zero).

Screenshot 1 (scr_compactHud 1; viewsize 110; scr_compactHudAlign 0; cl_sbar 0; scr_centerSbar 0; scr_drawFragsOverlay 0).
Screenshot 2 (scr_compactHud 2; viewsize 110; scr_compactHudAlign 0; cl_sbar 0; scr_centerSbar 0; scr_drawFragsOverlay 0).
Screenshot 3 (scr_compactHud 2; viewsize 110; scr_compactHudAlign 1; cl_sbar 0; scr_centerSbar 1; scr_drawFragsOverlay 0).

Logging Improvements

There is?a log function called 'log'. If you type "log filename" it will log console to filename.log in your gamedir. It overwrites logs without asking. When the server map changes, it will stop logging to filename.log and start logging to filename-1.log then filename-2.log etc. This is just like qizmo. Also there is a cvar called "log_dir" that if set to anything besides the empty string "" (default), it will log files to your quake_directory/log_dir instead of quake_directory/game_dir.

For example if you go

log_dir qw/logs; log pug

it will log console (for me) to c:\quake\qw\logs\pug.log. This is all nifty for speedstatsing.

One more thing. If you type "log" by itself it will tell you what file you are logging to, or will tell you that you are not logging if that is the case. If you type "log stop" it won't log console to stop.log. Instead it stops the current logging. Also log?will covert any ':' characters in the filename you give it to full stops '.' .

Note that the log function does not affect the qconsole.log. Also you can do something like "alias f_newmap log $mapname" to do the obvious.

By the way, there's a new variable called 'log_readable' (default value of 0) that when set to 1 ('log_readable 1') will convert all non printable characters to printable characters in your log. This makes your log readable because all the weird ascii characters that usually occur because of different coloured text in quake (and because of weird symbols - ocrana led's etc) are converted into printable characters. This only affects the file you are logging to via the 'log' command and not 'qconsole.log'. It's useful if you want a text file record of people's responses to f_version's and f_modified's or if you want to just see the mm1/mm2 text without making a demo or taking screenshots.

Flood Protection

Identical to the qizmo feature when cl_floodprot is set to 1 (default is 0 = off). This stops the server from not letting you talk for 10 seconds when you type more than 4 messages in 4 seconds.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Empty Messages
If you press the key that you have say/say_team bound too, and press enter without typing in a message, FuhQuake won't send a blank message like other clients do.

A new command called 'userinfo' does exactly what 'setinfo' does without command line parameters. That is, it displays your userinfo string.

For bash shell users who are accustomed to 'ctrl-u' deleting everything before the cursor, when typing in console, ctrl-u will delete everything before the cursor just like in bash. It's the little things that matter.

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