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Known Bugs & Issues

Bug Archive

You can find a list of known bugs and issues for the latest FuhQuake release here.
This list should definitely be consulted before reporting any bugs or general problems.

Bug Reporting

If you think you've found a bug in FuhQuake and wish to report it, please take the following steps.

1. First consult the current list of known bugs & issues and make sure it hasn't already been reported.
2. If possible, you should write down a list of steps to reproduce the bug for another user. If the bug can be reproduced, then it can definintely be fixed.
3. Launch FuhQuake and load your configuration settings as they were when the bug first occured. Save your configuration with 'cfg_save bug-report' so you can send fuhquake/configs/bug-report.cfg to fuh.
4. If applicable, take a screenshot or record a demo that demonstrates the bug. Screenshots taken in GL FuhQuake should be taken in jpg format ('screenshot bug1.jpg' will do this).
5. Email the above information to fuh. Make sure the reply-to address is valid so fuh can contact you.

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fuh can (sometimes) be found on #fuhquake on QuakeNet irc. You can also email fuh (but you will need to remove the underscores from the email address).
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