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FuhQuake Reference

FuhQuake Docs

A lot (but not all) of following documents come with your FuhQuake download. However more up to date versions may reside here. Portuguese translations are also shipped with the FuhQuake downloads.

The FuhQuake docs do not cover everything, so you should also check out the comprehensive reference section below.

FuhQuake Readme General information about the FuhQuake project and distribution.
QC Extensions Information about QC extensions available in the FuhQuake server,
Linux Info. Information specific to the FuhQuake Linux binaries.
Config. Manager How to save and restore your FuhQuake settings.
Crosshairs Everything you need to know about customising crosshairs in FuhQuake.
Logitech Mice How to enable extra buttons on your logitech mice with FuhQuake.
Match Tools How to enable automatic demo recording, console logging and screenshot taking.
MP3 Player How to control the winamp or xmms mp3 players from within FuhQuake.
Particle Effects How to enable and customise different particle effects in FuhQuake.
TP Pointing How to communicate what you are pointing at to your teammates.
Spec. Tracking Description of commands that make spectator tracking more convenient.

Comprehensive Reference

There is a comprehensive reference on almost all of FuhQuake's features maintained by Goljat.
You can find this at fuhquake.quakeworld.nu.

hosted by ausgamers
fuh can (sometimes) be found on #fuhquake on QuakeNet irc. You can also email fuh (but you will need to remove the underscores from the email address).
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