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Download FuhQuake

Current Version
The latest version of FuhQuake is v0.31 (Build 675). The previous version was v0.31 (Build 650).

Installation Instructions
The recommended method of installing FuhQuake is to download and run the FuhQuake Installer. This will install not only FuhQuake executables, but also textures, images and other files required to enjoy FuhQuake at its full capacity. Instructions for obtaining and running the cross-platform FuhQuake installer can be found here. For those that are only interested in the FuhQuake executables, smaller binary-only packages can be obtained below.

File Mirrors
The files below are hosted on the ausgamers hosting machine which is situated in Australia. It may be slow for international traffic. Up to date file mirrors are listed below.

Blueyonder Gibbage.mine.nu

FuhQuake Files

FuhQuake Installer Instructions for obtaining a cross-platform installer that not only installs FuhQuake executables but also 24bit map textures, hud elements and menu graphics required to take advantage of FuhQuake's features.
Win32 Binaries A binary only zip containing software and opengl versions of FuhQuake for win32 users.
Linux Binaries A binary only zip containing svgalib, x11 and glx versions of FuhQuake for linux users.
Security Module Required for proper client authentication.
Source Code FuhQuake source code (released under the GNU GPL licence).

FuhQuake Extras

Skyboxes Unzip this file into qw/ and rename the pakX.pak appropriately. Use "loadsky dmcw", "loadsky frozendusk" or "loadsky snow2" to load a skybox.
TF2.9 FragFile Put this in fortress/ and set scr_scoreboard_showfrags, cl_loadFragFiles & cl_parseFrags all to 1 if you wish to get scoreboard stats working for teamfortress 2.9 & OzTF.
MegaTF FragFile Frag file for Mega Teamfortress.
TF Texture Pack Contains textures for maps commonly played by the Australian TF community. To install, unzip into fortress/textures .
Coloured Lighting Episode 1-4 .lit files required for coloured lighting. Install into qw/lits .

Misc. Files

Skins These are the enemy/team/powerup skins used in fuh's deathmatch config. Read the README.TXT inside for instructions.
Loc Files These are a collection of dm locs made by flintheart specifically for FuhQuake. Make sure you read the README.TXT inside for instructions on installing and directions on customising loc names.
Fuh's DM Config Made with cfg_save. Put it in quake/fuhquake/configs and use 'cfg_load fuh' to load it.
Fuh's TF Configs Teamfortress configs. A bit complicated but many people ask for them.
Fuh's Hud Images These are the hud images I am corrently using. They are most likely the same hud images used to take FuhQuake screenshots with. To install, unzip into your quake directory.
Shareware Quake If running FuhQuake gives you a 'couldn't load gfx.wad' error, you need to put the pak0.pak this installs into id1/pak0.pak .

hosted by ausgamers
fuh can (sometimes) be found on #fuhquake on QuakeNet irc. You can also email fuh (but you will need to remove the underscores from the email address).
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