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FuhQuake v0.31 Changelog

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Almighty King

Joined: 07 Sep 2002
Posts: 2086

PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 12:57 am    Post subject: FuhQuake v0.31 Changelog Reply with quote

FuhQuake v0.31 (Build 650) Changelog

  • This is the changelog for FuhQuake v0.31 (Build 650). The changelog for Build 675 can be found below this post.
  • The news post for the FuhQuake v0.31 (Build 650) release can be found here (not yet).
  • The v0.31 FAQ can be found here.
  • Known bugs and issues are posted here.

    New Features

  • New -conbufsize cmdline parameter specifies console buffer size in KB (4096kb is max).
  • console buffer size defaults to 64kb instead of 32kb.
  • Added m_accel variable for q3-like mouse acceleration.
  • Added -nomp3volumectrl cmdline parameter that stops FuhQuake fiddling with winamp/xmms volume.
  • Added -snddev cmdline parameter to win32 builds to chose between multiple installed soundcards [benny].
  • Added loadcharset command that loads a charset from textures/charsets/* .
  • 'loadcharset original' restores the gfx.wad charset.
  • Enabled hwgamma in win32 windowed mode when vid_hwgammacontrol is set to 2.
  • Added gl_miptexLevel to control miplevel of texture selected from bsp.
  • Added gl_externalTextures_bmodels to disable/enable loading of 24bit textures for ammo/health .bsp's.
  • Added gl_externalTextures_world to disable/enable loading of 24bit textures for the world.
  • New variables gl_scaleModelTextures and gl_scaleTurbTextures can be used to control gl_max_size/gl_picmip affecting models and turb textures.
  • Added lockup protection against execution of recursive aliases.
  • Added paletted png screenshot support to software clients.
  • Improved -nohwtimer timing method [tonik].
  • FuhQuake now aims for 100.0% f_speed instead of 99.8.
  • Added $matchtype macro.
  • Added support for playback of protocol 26 demos [tonik].
  • Added gl_clearColor cvar to set clear colour (defaults to black, set it to red to find map leaks).

    Changes from Version 0.30 (Build 585)
  • 24bit Charsets must be properly created with an alpha channel to be displayed properly.
  • Clients respond to remote screenshot requests again (although the sshot they send might be in a format other than pcx).
  • Unnamed textures (eg aerowalk) can now be replaced (connect with developer 1 to see a list of unnamed textures).
  • If a vanilla gfx.wad is detected, a standard set of ocrana led's are inserted into the conchars [tonik].
  • The libpng, libjpeg, and libxmms libraries are now loaded manually at runtime.
  • Luma textures are now allowed in spec mode.
  • ktjump serverinfo parsing now defaults to 0 on teamfortress servers.
  • Removed startup dialogue box in win32 binaries.
  • Auto screenshots are no longer taken at the end of a match if there is no other player or if the frags are all zero.
  • Renamed gl_picmip_all --> gl_scaleModelTextures (and it defaults to 0 now).
  • gl_scaleModelTextures/gl_scaleTurbTextures (formally gl_picmip_all) no longer disable mipmapping.
  • Improved texture scaling/filtering algorithms and texture resampling.
  • Luma textures are now rendered using ADD instead of REPLACE (for consistency with other engines).
  • cl_clock is now allowed in -ruleset smackdown but seconds are hidden unless in spec/demo mode.
  • Merged match_format_arena and match_format_carena into match_format_arena.
  • Removed stupid cl_camhack variable.
  • Made scr_consize 1 work.
  • Renamed scr_sshot_type to sshot_format . Renamed scr_sshot_dir to sshot_dir. Removed scr_sshot_apply_palette .
  • Client no longer prints server version information on connect (will be re-added next version).
  • Renamed $serverstatus to $matchstatus.
  • Removed $droppedweapon.
  • Removed gl_fb_depthhack cvar.
  • Made ffa be selected as the matchtype when teamplay is on, if each team has at most 1 member.
  • sys_disableWinKeys is now only available on Win NT4/2K/XP systems.
  • Teamkills column is no longer drawn in the scoreboard if teamkilling is disabled.
  • Readded r_rockettrail 8 as the genuine voor trail .

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where torches/flames wouldn't always appear, even with r_drawflame 1.
  • Fixed bug regarding -m_mwhook [borisu].
  • Fixed some cases where auto screenshots appeared all black.
  • Fixed -aliases being triggered when pressing a key bound to a +alias in console/chat mode.
  • Fixed maps with textures missing in the .bsp from crashing fuhquake (pkeg2.bsp).
  • +commands on the cmdline will now work even if they contain a hyphen (eg +playdemo lala-lala.qwd) .
  • Fixed bug where ctf flags on the backs of flag carriers being always drawn red even when they should be blue.
  • Fixed rocket trails being drawn strangely sometimes.
  • Fixed bug where servers.txt may be deleted sometimes.
  • Fixed errors in loading 16bit depth rgb .png images.
  • Fixed bug with "cd play" and some other cd commands that accept arguments.
  • Fixed various bugs asssociated with the options menu in linux clients.
  • A lot of other miscellaneous and small bug fixes most people never noticed.

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Almighty King

Joined: 07 Sep 2002
Posts: 2086

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 1:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

FuhQuake v0.31 (Build 675) Changelog

  • This is the changelog for FuhQuake v0.31 (Build 675). The changelog for Build 650 can be found above this post.
  • The news post for the FuhQuake v0.31 (Build 675) release can be found here.
  • The v0.31 FAQ can be found here.
  • Known bugs and issues are posted here.

    New Features

  • Numerous ruleset changes at the bequest of Smackdown and NQR admins (see below).
  • Added support for > 4 mouse buttons to windows binaries when using -dinput [Massa].
  • Added support for binding MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 in x11/glx builds.
  • Added mouse-wheel support to svga binaries.
  • Clients now support loading all Half-life maps.
  • Game time is now preserved when saving single player games [Tonik].
  • Clients now recognise a '-noinvlmaps' cmdline parameter that disables inverting lightmaps (to workaround buggy drivers).
  • Added scr_drawHFrags 3 which acts identically to scr_drawHFrags 2 except that it does not print the player's own frags when teamplay is on.
  • Improved performance of TGA-image loading code.
  • $loc_name_* macros are now parsed before other macros in .loc files.
  • Added support for $loc_name_mh expansion in loc files.
  • Added tp_name_rune* variables (actually existed in v0.30 but was invisible due to bug).
  • Added match_format_multiteam variable (actually existed in v0.30 but was invisible due to bug).
  • FuhQuake servers can now handle up to 1024 entities (as long as no more than 512 are visible at any one time) [Tonik].

    Changes from Version 0.31 (Build 650)

  • Clients no longer respond to A2A_PING requests.
  • Improved performance of gl_detail/gl_caustics on low-end cards ( < Geforce 3 class cards)
  • Re-added gl_colorlights (this implementation does not give a speed increase when gl_colorlights is set to 0, but it does not require a map restart for changes to take effect).
  • Re-added pushlatency.
  • Half-life texture wad files can now be loaded from textures/wad3/* as well.
  • Lit files can now be loaded from maps/lits/*.lit as well.
  • Clients no longer print 'unknown command' warnings when executing server-stuffed messages.
  • Auto match screenshots are now taken once again even if all scoreboard scores are zero.

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the s_light sprite skin being overridden with the s_light map texture on e4m3 .
  • Fixed -ruleset smackdown disallowing timerefresh's during spec/demo mode .
  • Fixed skin forcing not updating when the pov changes in qwd demos recorded by a spectator.
  • Fixed buggy update of time display on the solo scoreboard [Tonik].
  • Fixed double-thick black line appearing at the bottom of the team overlay when no teams are present on the server.
  • Fixed ctrl+v not functioning as paste when used in the dedicated server console [Tonik].
  • Fixed segfault occurring when Linux X11 clients fail to open the X display.
  • Fixes for frikbot behaviour [Tonik].
  • Fixed FuhQuake 'freezing' when Linux clients failed to open sound device at startup.
  • Fixed players getting stuck on lifts sometimes when playing Half-life maps [Tonik].
  • Fixed bug where %T expanded to the server's teamplay rather than timelimit setting in match_format_* strings.
  • Fixed issues with creating directories on Linux systems.
  • Fixed texture bugs in software on non-x86 architectures (or on x86 when compiling without id386).
  • Fixed player's shaft beam moving when server is paused and cl_truelightning is not 0.
  • Fixed display errors when using a 24bpp display without XShm extensions [Massa].
  • Fixed issues with Qizmo hidden messages containing the DEL character.
  • Fixed crash on e2m2 when playing single player on easy level [Vic].
  • Fixed bug where {white text} failed to work correctly in certain circumstances when using 'cl_parseWhiteText 2'.
  • Fixed rocketlights failing to light up map submodels when using gl_flashblend 1.
  • Fixed 'gl_detail 1' not working on some video cards.
  • Fixed libpng and other libraries failing to load in some Linux distributions unless the libpng-dev package was also installed.
  • Fixed buggy saving of single-player games when the FuhQuake installation path contained a space in the name.

    Ruleset Changes

    The following changes were implemented at the request of Smackdown and NQR league admins.

  • Teamplay $macros are now restricted in use when using '-ruleset smackdown'. This is so that they cannot be abused to automate team communications. The following restrictions now apply to such $macros :
  • The only commands permitted to be used in conjunction with teamplay $macros are "if", "wait", "say", "say_team", "echo" and "tp_point".
  • No variables may be used in conjunction with teamplay $macros.
  • Aliases may be used in conjunction with teamplay $macros, but the commands they execute must also be restricted to the above list.

The above conditions ensure that teamplay $macros can still be used in complex "if" statements, but only if those "if" statements lead to the execution of one of the permitted commands. In particular complex "if" statements involving teamplay $macros are allowed when the "if" statements only execute say_team commands.

In otherwords, using teamplay $macros for formatting team reports is permitted.

As an exception, the $weapon and $weaponnum macros are not subject to the above restrictions. Hence f_weaponchange can still be used with these two macros to customise crosshairs, sensitivity and so forth based on the in-use weapon.

Also note that non-teamplay $macros (such as $matchtype and $mp3info) are not affected by this change.

  • The f_took, f_respawn, and f_death aliases are now never executed automatically when using -ruleset smackdown (previously f_respawn and f_death were allowed but restricted in their use. Now they are totally blocked).

  • The 'packet' command is now blocked when using -ruleset smackdown except in pre-war and spectator mode.

  • Seconds in clock displays are now once again permitted on scoreboard displays when playing with -ruleset smackdown.

    There is also a new variable called "cl_gameclock" that displays the current game time. "cl_gameclock" is similar to "cl_clock" except that it is automatically reset when a match begins. It will not work correctly unless you are present on the server when the match begins (so joining mid-way through as a spectator will not show the correct game time).

    There's four possible settings for enabling the game clock - "cl_gameclock 1/2/3/4". The different settings determine whether the clock counts up from 0:00 or down from the timelimit, and also whether the display is formatted as HH:MM:SS or just MM:SS .

    The position of the clock can be customised with the "cl_gameclock_x" and "cl_gameclock_y" variables.

  • Adding "-norjscripts" to the command line now blocks forward rocket jump and other related rocket-jump scripts. A client's f_ruleset response will indicate whether this command line parameter is present.

    Note that FuhQuake clients have recognised server-side FPD bits that disable rocket-jump scripts since version 0.26 (Dec. 2002). There are a number of communities (mostly team fortress) around the world that have used this mechanism to disable rocket-jump scripts for a number of years.

    The "-norjscripts" command-line option was added at the request of league admins so that such scripts can be disabled in FuhQuake clients when the server cannot be configured to set the appropriate FPD bits due to accessibility reasons. It forces clients to behave exactly as if the rocket-script FPD bits were set in the server's serverinfo settings.
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