What lines are best suited when fishing for bass?

Choosing the optimal type of line is a subtlety not many anglers are accustomed with. Normally, you know what size you can use depending on your rod, but that is not enough to know what the best line for bass and conditions is. As with many other pieces of fishing equipment, you have multiple choices and it all goes down to the one you feel most at ease with. Personally, I don’t use a type in particular, but I adapt the line to the fishing conditions in which I find myself.

As you know, the most commonly used lines are braid, monofilament and, the newest entry, fluorocarbon. All of them behave admirably if you know where and how to use them.

Let’s start with fluorocarbon. This line has the great advantage of being highly-reflective which renders it quasi-invisible in water. Its main composing element is Polyvinylidene fluoride, a material that makes this particular type abrasion resistant and water repellant: two incredibly valuable characteristics in a fishing line, especially if you want to use it for a longer period of time.

Monofilament is older than the first type described here, and it is made from a single nylon fiber. Though it looks almost like fluorocarbon, this one is denser, thus not as reflective as the first one, which makes it more visible in water. However, if you’re fishing in unclear, murky waters, it won’t make much of a difference. In addition, manufacturers have lately combined this with other polymers, to render it more transparent.

Braided lines are the oldest fishing lines in the industry. Despite its old age, braid is still one of the top choices for many anglers. It is a highly durable material and it has no stretch at all, which helps you cast great distances with accuracy. As the name implies it, the line is made with braided strands of fabric.The latest engineering technologies maintained the popularity of this line and have endowed it with amazing resistance to abrasion, while conferring it a small diameter. However, braid comes with the disadvantages of being the most opaque of the three types and it is also prone to tangling, especially the lighter types.

It is obvious that each one of them has its advantages and drawbacks and their use is influenced by several factors. A determinant one is the type of bait you use with the line. Heavier baits, such as frogs make good team with braided lines, but there are those that can be teamed up with all line varieties. If you enjoy using spinner baits when fishing for bass, you must definitely go for monofilament or fluorocarbon, because they are less visible in water. However, there are many types of bait that you can match with different sorts of line.

A major factor that you must take into consideration when fishing for bass is its behavior. Because this fish tends to put up a good fight, you might want a more rigid line, like braid, that gives you more control over the fish, but, as I said, there’s no ideal line and choosing the most suitable one depends entirely on you.

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Disappointed with the Napier Sportz III



With online reviews stating that the Napier Sportz III is one of the best tents for a pickup truck you wouldn’t think this would be a negative review, but after its disappointing performance there are very few positives to write about.

It is true that the Sportz III from Napier is affordably priced, as you can see on Truck tent center, and there are a few convenient features associated with it. The main problem with the truck tent was its advertised size, and the fact that its actual length was not even close. According to the product description and other review sites this truck tent should be able to fit easily in the bed of a Chevy Silverado. This is one of the most common trucks on the road, and it only makes sense that this tent would promote its ability to fit this make and model.

Unfortunately the advertised measurements are slightly off, and this proved to be problematic on this camping trip. The floor on the tent may come with a patented design, but since it was too short for the truck bed this really didn’t matter. Leaves and other debris were able to get inside the tent, and all over our gear which caused additional problems. We  were able to set the tent up and the color coded sleeve and pole system did make this relatively easy, but size was a problem again when it was time to inflate the air mattress.

Since the actual length of the tent floor is only around 6 feet, the air mattress stuck outside the door. The mattress fit perfectly in the truck bed, but was too long for the tent. This gave us the option of sleeping on the hard metal surface or choosing between letting our feet or heads hang outside. Thankfully it wasn’t raining or this could’ve have been a serious problem, though our feet and ankles did get covered with mosquito bites. While this review is not saying you should not buy this tent you do want to be careful and measure everything to ensure the fit is not a problem, especially if you plan on using it with an air mattress. We should also mention that the width of the Sportz III was not an issue, at least for two people so that is a benefit that can be associated with this Napier truck tent.

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Setting up your RV GPS for the first time

It is never fun getting lost on a long journey. The challenges faced by RV travelers are many; from tunnels and bridges to raised railroad tracks. Blood pressures will rise, tempers flare, and the good times will cease as you are down a one-lane highway that seems like a never ending road. Of course, you can unfold your map or ask someone for directions. Best option is to have a guiding unit you can use to set the dimensions of your vehicle. You must customize the GPS according to the gross weight, width, height and the overall length of your RV.

Global Positioning System devices can be relied upon pretty heavily with their up-to-date maps, a user-friendly setting and options to make your travel easy. RV GPS Units can save you a great deal of time and headache when you are on the road. Setting up the best RV GPS Units is just easy as 1, 2, 3.

Some models are more versatile than others. They allow the user to set an RV setting. After providing the important dimensions, the unit is programmed to adjust the trajectory of the trip depending on the size of your RV.

When you take your RV GPS out of the box, you will notice that is has a suction cup and a dashboard disk. A suction cup is used for fixing the RV GPS on your windshields while the dashboard disk has an adhesive back so you can place it on any flat or smooth surface. To mount your RV GPS Units on the windshield, a bracket is required that can work with joints or adjustment nuts. After setting the bracket, you can mount your RV GPS on it.

Once the GPS is installed, you have to power it on. Input your time zone and a personalized password, so that your RV is protected against getting stolen. Some RV GPS units do not require a password or a PIN, but you can use your home address as your selected safe location.

You have to get familiar with the GPS menu and easily navigate through its features. Knowing how to enter destination is very important and it is one of the things that you must learn first. You can also adjust the volume of the speaker. Some units have day and night modes that you can switch on as you like. You also have to keep the quick start guide close by if you have no idea how to return to the default settings.

Learning to work with a new RV GPS Units takes time and patience. Just make sure to learn about all the features of your device before hitting the road.

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My review of the ER-Radio KA600


The KA600 is a complete product. It offers not only the basic alert functions, but it combines features that you would only be able to enjoy if acquiring two or three products. As such, this is not the most affordable emergency radio you can find on the market but, if you live in an area with increased natural hazards risk, I strongly advise you to ignore its price and buy it without a second thought.

So what makes this model so reliable? To start with the superficial details, this device is built with shock resistant materials, which will ensure that it will not break in case of accidents that are not something you shouldn’t expect during a tornado or earthquake. In addition, it comes with reduced dimensions and it is ultra-lightweight, which makes it easy to transport.

As an emergency weather alert radio, this small device is able to emit clear alerts, and also inform you of the severity of the received alert, through the three lights placed on the left side of the product. It uses a high-quality speaker that emits clear sounds, so that you can hear the forecast even when you find yourself in a noisy place. The item is capable of receiving all 7 NOAA channels and it has an automatic alert feature, which means that when a NOAA alert is transmitted, your radio will right away emit it, even if you’re not listening to the weather channel.

For emergency situations, when electric power is off, the radio comes with four charging alternatives (besides the AC/DC adaptor): the hand-crank generator, a 180-degree adjustable solar panel, micro USB port and 3 AA batteries. Additionally, you can keep spare batteries around, just to make sure, but, as you can see, this radio offers you plenty of options to rely on, when your batteries run low.

The radio includes a 5 LED lamp and a 3 LED flashlight, in case you need light to find your way at night. The main LED display is big enough for you to see the type of alert displayed clearly, but it also shows the temperature and humidity levels that the radio is capable of measuring. The screen also shows battery levels and time. If you’re charging the device using the solar panel, the display will monitor energy levels, for you to see what the percentage available for use is. The product is endowed with alarm and snooze functions too.

If there’s something you can see as a minus of this product is that the great number of functions is operated through a fairly complicated menu. It is understandable, given its numerous options, but, if you want to be able to maximize its efficacy in an emergency situation, I advise you to learn how to operate its system well when you receive it.

As for tuning options, the device automatically searches radio channels, but you can also manually insert frequencies in its memory. As a last feature, the product is rigged out with a leather strap for you to be able to carry it with no effort.


This product can be found on this well-written article as well.

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Why I don’t like the Garmin Echo 151 fish finder

Gone are the days when the fishermen have to depend upon their intuition to catch a big load of fish. The new age fishermen are adopting the latest gadgets specially designed to cater to the difficulty of navigation and locating promising fishing spots.  Among countless gadgets devoted to fishing, a fish finder is created to help fishermen in this dilemma.

As a professional angler, I too believe in adopting new technology to grow my family business of fishing. Recently, I bought a new fish finder marketed under the brand Garmin Echo 151. I have heard a lot of positive reviews and benefits of this product from my buddies who are also in the fishing business. But, when I used it, I was not very impressed with its performance or in other words I was actually disappointed with my decision thereafter. It is a modest looking fish finder that seems to be efficient by its looks, but it has some kind of technical flaws in its operation and in the packing as well.

First of all, its user manual does not explain anything clearly and it takes a good amount of time before you could understand the data displayed about the depth and bottom, after turning it on. According to me that is too slow as compared to other products of the same genre, since by that time the fish might swim away happily. As for the most anglers, time is the major criteria to continue using a gadget. So it is important that a fish finder provides the results as quickly as possible, which is not the case with this product.


If you ever try to get the information below say 1.7-1.9 foot depth, it would be impossible with this product, since it will fail to show the readings with accuracy. The plastic cover that is supposed to protect the complete fish finder unit is not sufficient enough to cover it completely. Moreover, you need to buy it separately. This seems to be a major flaw in the product.


When you are riding in a boat on open waters, you want a fish finder to do its work reliably. Garmin Echo 151 is a bit unreliable here as it has some issues with its cable connections.  You have to be very careful and alert so that its connections remain intact for an interruption free fishing session.

Not all fishermen are professionals. Some of them are amateurs who just love to sail on water, to challenge themselves and get a catch in return like a trophy for their adventurous nature. Among such challenges kayak fishing is considered to be most enjoyable. Garmin Echo 151 is not designed for a kayak. So if you are a kayak angler, look for another brand that promises what you need.


Over all Garmin Echo 151 is an economical fish finder that may not rate very well in case you have some high end expectations in a fish finder.


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Are Flotec sump pumps reliable

I’ve started to write this article after reading multiple Q & A articles on sump pumps but which were not useful for me.

Reliability is always a factor to consider when it comes to getting a new sump pump. That’s why we’ve taken the time to go through the products manufactured by some of the most well-known brands in the world. We’ve analyzed units constructed by Wayne, Zoeller, Superior Pump, and Flotec. Some people tend to think that Flotec doesn’t raise up to par if it were to be compared with some of the previously mentioned companies. However, we’ve found that the brand is just as trustworthy as reputable manufacturers. While the company has not been on the market for more than fifty years, it does have over thirty years of experience behind and as such, it has acquired a lot of know-how in the industry.

Based on the information that we’ve come across, it seems that some of the most critically acclaimed products from Flotec are pedestal sump pumps. For some reason or the other, some people choose pedestal alternatives over submersible ones and that’s only understandable, considering that they’re more durable and cost-efficient. One of the most popular models designed by Flotec is the FPPM3600D-01/09, which is a reasonably priced machine that does the trick for most users. The core advantage of choosing this pump is the fact that it costs less than one hundred dollars but it’s just as capable as many of its submersible counterparts.

Over the years, Flotec has invested a lot of time and effort in designing top-notch water-related units. As such, the brand these days produces a broad variety of residential models that never fail to raise up to par. Depending on what you have in mind, you may choose a home water pump system or go for lawn and pool pump. Flotec also builds high-quality sewage and effluent pumps, as well as utility pumps. What’s more, some of the most popular accessories from this brand include anything from jet pump extras to check valves, float switches, and hose kits. In other words, the array of items designed by this company is downright baffling. Nevertheless, it might be worth pointing out that, as the slogan of the company claims it to be, water is Flotec’s business. Therefore, you won’t find any items in other categories that have been manufactured under this name.

It might be difficult to say whether or not Flotec sump pumps are reliable in all cases, and that’s mostly due to the fact that not all machines are created the same, just like not all users have the same expectations. Whether you’re looking for a pedestal or a submersible alternative, the fact of the matter is that Flotec is a trusted manufacturer as it also offers excellent customer support. If you were to buy a product from this brand, you’d have no problem regarding the warranty or various return policies. Besides, the brand’s website allows owners to register their products and take advantage of all the benefits offered by their purchase.

After all, this company is among the few worldwide manufacturers that are able to provide a multitude of professional pumps. Contractors seem to be great fans of these sewage and sump pumps, and for good reason, too.

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Corded Electric Broom Vs Cordless Electric Broom

One of the good things about having an electric broom is the fact that it is small, lightweight and portable. However, most of the customers get confused over the choice of buying a corded electric broom or a cordless one. I know it is hard to choose from but actually, it only depends on your usage type. If you are still not sure which to buy, then you are in the right place. Since right after reading this article, you will be able to decide on your own which one to buy.

So the most basic thing to do is to ask yourself what you need. Do you need an extra portable electric broom wherein you can simply use it even though you are away from the power outlet? Or do you need an undying electric broom- wherein you don’t have to think about its battery life because obviously it is not battery operated? These two are the major questions you need to ask yourself. It these two still can’t give you a straight answer then it’s time to specifically talk about each.

Corded Electric Broom- this type of electric broom is a lot similar to a vacuum cleaner. Both appliances can clean almost any mess at home in no time. A corded electric broom is just smaller and light weight compared to a vacuum cleaner. Which means that a corded electric broom is easier to control and also it can fit smaller corners of the house.

Cordless Electric Broom– A cordless electric broom has one more additional feature aside from being small and light weight. The good thing about a cordless electric broom is the fact that you don’t have any limit in cleaning. Even though that the mess you want to clean is far away from the power outlet, you can still clean it because it is battery operated. So you don’t have to think about the length of the cord because you can actually extend it up to anywhere you want. The only problem about this is that you have to replace the batteries once the battery life is over (but you don’t have to think about the electricity bill).


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How to use your drill press safely?

Yes, a drill press is a simple tool to use, but it is also one of the hazardous pieces of machinery when it comes to metal and wood workshops. Work ethics and safety standards should be promoted in professional workshops so that it is easy and safe to use the high-end machines. It is necessary to learn the proper safety measures and conducts before using the drill press.

To help you figure out the principle behind this tool, you should fully understand the function of the drill press. For every drill press user, the safety should be the top priority. When you operate the drill press, it is necessary to follow the safety guidelines.

Knowing the drill press in deep is crucial to your error-free and safe handling. You can gain knowledge about the drill press by reading the manual carefully. Before you start working with your drill press, here are the simple things to remember for your safety.

  • Avoid wearing long sleeves and gloves when working with your drill press. The loose wardrobe might catch the drill bit and drag your hands toward the machine.
  • You have to wear safety glasses all the time you are working with any power tools like a top drill press. The cutting tips can cause irritation and permanently damage your eyes.
  • You must secure your work piece to your drilling table, and you can use a vice if possible. High-speed machinery might cause the job to slip out of your hand.
  • Use a coolant when using the drill press in metal to stop the drill bit from overheating and burning out.
  • Keep your safety guards in place.
  • You have to slow down when you see the drill bit ready to break through the material.
  • See to it that there are no foreign objects that are on the floor that you might fall over.
  • Ensure that the floor is free from grease and oil for you to avoid falling over when you are concentrating on your job.
  • Make sure that your machine has a safety off button just in case you have to use it.
  • See to it that your drill bit is operating at the correct speed.


Your safety depends on your efforts and willingness to invest on your responsibility. A dose of responsibility, common sense, and conscientiousness are necessary to ensure proper safety when using a drill press. With good conduct and work ethics, you will be able to work without worrying about your well being.



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I like Cobra Radar Detectors


I have to confess, I invested in the cobra radar detector a while ago and I’m totally in awe of its amazing features. I agree when you say it costs a little more than the other radar detectors available in the market, but for the features it comes with, this is a great investment. While I loved the features of the Cobra Radar Detector I own, I recently got a new Cobra Radar Detector for my wife and I have my eyes set on exchanging her with mine. It’s an upgraded version which comes with even better features and for someone like me who needs to race to reach the workplace, this radar detector has always been a great help to avoid a number of speeding tickets.

If you’re looking for radar detector get the Cobra Radar Detector. There are many reasons for me to swear by this product.

Good coverage range

The range it covers is amazing. I get updates from a long distance which gives me enough time to plan my next move. While the basic radar detectors help to detect the radar guns, cobra goes a step ahead. It intimates me about the traffic situations and the potential risk of a police vehicle being close to me.


Helps to save time

It also helps me save on a lot of time since I get to decide when to turn away from the traffic way before the others. Before I had this detector it took me about an hour to get home. Now it takes me about 35 minutes which is almost half the amount of time I used to take earlier to reach home. The second one was a gift for my wife who earlier had another brand installed, about which she kept complaining. She took my car for a spin a couple of times and she was amazed of how efficient my radar detector was.


Speedy notifications

This radar detector quickly notifies me every time I’m under surveillance so I know when to be at my best behavior. Some radar detectors tell you about the traffic ahead so late that you have no chance of turning back. But, cobra informs me well in advance. It is so convenient and easy to use, that I have recommended it to all my friends.

Advanced Features

The reason I chose this detector again is because the features are beyond comparison and it offers a lot more than just plain radar detection.   It comes with the innovative LaserEye technology to give a 360° detection of laser signals. It has a user friendly Digiview data display along with a voice Alert function to inform you about traffic or surveillance situations ahead, without distracting the driver.


Good onetime Investment

It’s not often that you’re going to go out and buy a radar detector for your vehicle. So, when you do plan to get one, it’s always a better option to choose a detector that offers the best features. I’ve researched the market for a number of radar detectors and I have to say that cobra is by far the best brand to invest in.

Cobra Radar Detector lasts really long, it manages to deliver some of the best results and ensures your safety with safe driving. If you’re worried about the speeding ticket, get this outstanding radar detector today.


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The Conair Foot Spa with Vibration and Heat review


Any person who enjoys foot baths should consider acquiring a small foot spa machine for its personal use. There are a variety of products on the market today, but some of them are not worth buying, as they promise a lot and do not deliver what they promise. However, if you are considering buying a foot spa machine for home use, you can give the Conair Foot Spa with Vibration and Heat a try. It is a simple product, equipped with basic features that will help you achieve a perfect pedicure and relax your tired feet.

The Conair is made with good quality plastic that won’t break if you drop it and its simple design makes it easy to clean and use. The floor is fitted with anti-skidding patterns, to prevent you from falling in case you need to grab something during your bath and the product is equipped with a splashguard that ensures you won’t be splashing water around even if you like dabbling your feet in the warm water.

The item features a heating function that maintains the water warm for a longer period of time. However, it doesn’t heat water by itself, just keeps it at a pleasant temperature to give you more time for relaxation. The heating function can be activated when you feel the water getting cold, by pushing the on/off button placed on the product’s splashguard. The longer you keep your feet in the water, the more rough skin will soften and you will be able to peel it off with a pumice stone. Moreover, the item can also be used as a massager, as the button activating the heating function also activates the vibrating function. The massage will stimulate blood flow and help your feet relax.

The product uses electric power to function, thus you can enjoy the vibrating and heating features only when the item is plugged in. The vibration level is mild, and you cannot increase its power. However, if you just want a mild massage, it works well enough. If you want some extra massaging action, the product is fitted with 2 small massaging nodes and a massage attachment placed near the splashguard. Even so, the large dimension of the splashguard makes it possible for you to place other necessary tools on it such as a pedicure set, sponges or soap. You may notice a mild noise produced by the foot spa. Do not worry, it doesn’t mean it malfunctions, the noise is there due to the vibration function.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this review, you cannot expect this simple product to perform miracles, but this foot spa is perfect for relaxation after a tiring day at work. Furthermore, it comes with an affordable price for what it offers, and it will also last for a long time due to the quality of its material. It is not mandatory that you make full use of its functions, if you don’t want to use electric power. You can always just fill it with warm water, put your feet inside it and enjoy the feeling.


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My recent trip to Mexico


Millions of US citizens have already visited Mexico for tourism, study and business and this includes over 150,000 who cross the border on a daily basis. Thankfully, the government of Mexico has consistently dedicated a significant portion of its resources to ensure the safety of visitors to their major tourist destinations. What really enticed me to travel recently to Mexico is the fact that there has been no evidence of organized criminal groups targeting US visitors. I only heeded the advice to keep a lowered profile and to avoid displaying any indications of wealth, so I did not bring any expensive-looking watch, jewelry or camera. I also kept aware of my surroundings while traveling, and gratefully, I am back safe and sound to tell you about my recent holiday in Mexico.

Mexico boasts steamy jungles, palm-fringed beaches, fiesta fireworks, and teeming cities. One can enjoy chili-spiced food, the true mark of authentic Mexican cuisine. Calling to mind vivid and diverse dreams, Mexico features the impressive works of pre-Hispanic civilizations that constructed the some fantastic archaeological monuments in the world, from the awe-inspiring Mayan temples of Palenque to the towering pyramids in Teotihuacan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This exceptional soul food also includes beautiful towns of the Spanish colonial era that have numerous tree-shaded plazas plus wonderful stone mansions and churches filled with rich sculpture. An abundance of great art from Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and others of the same caliber can be feasted on by the eyes. Mexico City boasts underground street art and dance clubs and also serves as a lovely backdrop for the handicrafts of the indigenous population.

Mexico first attracted me as a teenager when I first read about Cortés and the Aztecs. It was easy to find some sort of a spiritual home in this fantastic location. I have been to many trips already to Mexico, but I have never gotten my fill of its exceptionally tasty food prepared with a genuine love for family and hearty, healthy eating. I already own a top quesadilla maker that I have optimized to prepare and enjoy Mexican-style quesadillas at home, and my most recent visit to Mexico has only served to reinforce what I love about the place, which is nothing less than its remarkable food prepared in taquerias by hospitable, charming and very real people.

Mexicans are never less than courteous and are more often absolutely charming. They know very well how to please guests, serving special agave-based liquor and super tasty, sensationally chili-filled food. Mexico is definitely one place I will never tire of visiting!

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What makes Greek yogurt special


Greek yogurt is not just any ordinary or regular yogurt. It is yogurt that has had the whey strained off, resulting in a really creamy and thick texture. Whey refers to the watery part of milk that is left when the milk has undergone curdling. The removal of the whey content makes Greek yogurt richer in protein while having fewer carbs and less salt and sugar than regular yogurt. The FDA only carries regulations on what can and cannot be called regular yogurt, but there’s nothing in place for Greek yogurt. This is the reason why commercial yogurt manufacturers can designate their products to be Greek only by altering the manufacturing process or putting in extra ingredients.



Thus, the consumer can only rely on the ingredient label to state that the “Greek” yogurt has milk and live active cultures as main ingredients, making sure whey concentrates are not disguised as ‘added protein’ and the products have no added thickeners such as modified corn starch. To get genuinely plain yogurt, you will want to just make your own if you have a great quality yogurt maker that ensures truly healthy living and eating. You can always sweeten your homemade Greek yogurt by adding pieces of fresh fruit or drizzling with honey or agave nectar.

With fewer carbohydrates, less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt, homemade Greek yogurt is even healthier than any commercial non-fat or reduced fat yogurt you can find in the grocery aisles. Just a 6-ounce serving of Greek yogurt contains as much protein as three ounces of lean meat, so it is truly an awesome superfood. Greek yogurt, and we mean genuine Greek yogurt here, has a rich texture because of the straining process used in its making. Greek yogurt tastes good without being bad for you. Regular yogurt is subjected to heavy straining to remove the lactose and whey, resulting in a creamy and tangy product that is fit to be called Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is more expensive than regular yogurt because of the extra processing it undergoes to achieve its ideal consistency.


With more protein, you feel full for a longer time so your weight loss goals can be achieved more satisfactorily, unlike when you indulge in protein bars and shakes that not only taste flat but are also high in sugar content. With half the sodium or salt of regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is great when fighting off hypertension and heart disease. Greek yogurt does not exceed the recommended daily allowance pegged by the American Medical Association as 1.5 grams a day. That being said, it is still best to consult a healthcare professional on yogurt consumption if you are restricted to a low-sodium diet. If you want to read more about yougurt makers, visit this website.


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