Why I don’t like the Garmin Echo 151 fish finder

Gone are the days when the fishermen have to depend upon their intuition to catch a big load of fish. The new age fishermen are adopting the latest gadgets specially designed to cater to the difficulty of navigation and locating promising fishing spots.  Among countless gadgets devoted to fishing, a fish finder is created to help fishermen in this dilemma.

As a professional angler, I too believe in adopting new technology to grow my family business of fishing. Recently, I bought a new fish finder marketed under the brand Garmin Echo 151. I have heard a lot of positive reviews and benefits of this product from my buddies who are also in the fishing business. But, when I used it, I was not very impressed with its performance or in other words I was actually disappointed with my decision thereafter. It is a modest looking fish finder that seems to be efficient by its looks, but it has some kind of technical flaws in its operation and in the packing as well.

First of all, its user manual does not explain anything clearly and it takes a good amount of time before you could understand the data displayed about the depth and bottom, after turning it on. According to me that is too slow as compared to other products of the same genre, since by that time the fish might swim away happily. As for the most anglers, time is the major criteria to continue using a gadget. So it is important that a fish finder provides the results as quickly as possible, which is not the case with this product.


If you ever try to get the information below say 1.7-1.9 foot depth, it would be impossible with this product, since it will fail to show the readings with accuracy. The plastic cover that is supposed to protect the complete fish finder unit is not sufficient enough to cover it completely. Moreover, you need to buy it separately. This seems to be a major flaw in the product.


When you are riding in a boat on open waters, you want a fish finder to do its work reliably. Garmin Echo 151 is a bit unreliable here as it has some issues with its cable connections.  You have to be very careful and alert so that its connections remain intact for an interruption free fishing session.

Not all fishermen are professionals. Some of them are amateurs who just love to sail on water, to challenge themselves and get a catch in return like a trophy for their adventurous nature. Among such challenges kayak fishing is considered to be most enjoyable. Garmin Echo 151 is not designed for a kayak. So if you are a kayak angler, look for another brand that promises what you need.


Over all Garmin Echo 151 is an economical fish finder that may not rate very well in case you have some high end expectations in a fish finder.


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