Disappointed with the Napier Sportz III



With online reviews stating that the Napier Sportz III is one of the best tents for a pickup truck you wouldn’t think this would be a negative review, but after its disappointing performance there are very few positives to write about.

It is true that the Sportz III from Napier is affordably priced, as you can see on Truck tent center, and there are a few convenient features associated with it. The main problem with the truck tent was its advertised size, and the fact that its actual length was not even close. According to the product description and other review sites this truck tent should be able to fit easily in the bed of a Chevy Silverado. This is one of the most common trucks on the road, and it only makes sense that this tent would promote its ability to fit this make and model.

Unfortunately the advertised measurements are slightly off, and this proved to be problematic on this camping trip. The floor on the tent may come with a patented design, but since it was too short for the truck bed this really didn’t matter. Leaves and other debris were able to get inside the tent, and all over our gear which caused additional problems. We  were able to set the tent up and the color coded sleeve and pole system did make this relatively easy, but size was a problem again when it was time to inflate the air mattress.

Since the actual length of the tent floor is only around 6 feet, the air mattress stuck outside the door. The mattress fit perfectly in the truck bed, but was too long for the tent. This gave us the option of sleeping on the hard metal surface or choosing between letting our feet or heads hang outside. Thankfully it wasn’t raining or this could’ve have been a serious problem, though our feet and ankles did get covered with mosquito bites. While this review is not saying you should not buy this tent you do want to be careful and measure everything to ensure the fit is not a problem, especially if you plan on using it with an air mattress. We should also mention that the width of the Sportz III was not an issue, at least for two people so that is a benefit that can be associated with this Napier truck tent.

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