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Quake Related Links

FuhQuake Packages

These are Quake installation packages that are particularly convenient for users who are installing Quake from scratch. They install FuhQuake as well as a bunch of other utilities that are useful to a quake player.

eQuake An excellent all-round quake package that is the perfect place for newcomers to begin.
PlanetMegaTF A great quake package designed specifically for MegaTF players.

Quake Mods

OzTF Mercury's Oz Teamfortress (OzTF). Contains many improvements to TF 2.9 .

Quake News Portals

Quakeworld.nu The best portal to get news about Quakeworld and Quake-related things.
Besmella Quake A Quake news site targeted at the Australian Quake community.

Models & Textures

Map Textures An excellent repository of quakeworld maps along with their 24bit texture sets.
Console Fonts A collection of 24bit charsets (console fonts). Place these in qw/textures/charsets/* and and load them with the 'loadcharset' command .
Retexturing Project The Quake re-texturing project, dedicated to making high resolution 24bit texture replacements for all quake episode 1-4 maps. The FuhQuake installer comes with these textures.
DA's Quake Models Darkangel's alternative but popular Quake models (.mdl's). If you've seen a screenshot of a model you don't have, chances are you can find it here.

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fuh can (sometimes) be found on #fuhquake on QuakeNet irc. You can also email fuh (but you will need to remove the underscores from the email address).
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